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Mission Bertie & Jack


We started back in 2010, shortly after the arrival of our children, Becky's daughter, Bertie and Emma's son, Jack. We wanted to create a really simple product that people could connect with; something that might reflect their lives, or an experience they've had. 

Our mission has always been the same, to create artwork that makes people smile and will hang around in homes for generations; artwork that creates new memories and triggers old ones.

This is why our work features animals and more recently, growing families of animals - to reflect our own growing families. All of our designs can have a personal message added to the artwork, such as a special date or a 'cheeky' message for the recipient.

We are often bought for weddings, new babies, house moves, anniversaries, birthdays.... all the happy occasions actually - we've got you covered

Becky & Emma (and of course, Bertie & Jack) xx