We are sadly wrapping up Bertie & Jack - we've had a great run and we THANK YOU all for your support over the years, it's been a blast. Follow our Instagram to find out about our closing down sale in Bath. Peace and love, Emma & Becky xx

Cookie Policy

Note: 'Us' refers to Bertie & Jack 'You', 'User(s)', 'Visitor' refers to any person who uses this website.

This Web site is owned and controlled by Bertie & Jack.

Bertie & Jack is committed to implementing measures designed to protect the privacy of those using our services. Bertie & Jack respects the privacy of all those who visit our Site and use our online services and we collect information from and about our users to be used to improve the service we offer. Except as set forth within this Privacy Policy, our Terms & Conditions, and other published guidelines, we do not release personally identifiable information (as described below) about users of this Site without their permission.

Effect of This and Related Documents: This Privacy Policy, together with our Terms & Conditions and other published guidelines, governs your interaction with this Site, and your registration for and use of Bertie & Jack online services.

Opt-Out Option: If you would like to have your personally-identifiable information removed from Bertie & Jack's databases going forward, please e-mail hello@bertieandjack.co.uk and we will use reasonable efforts to comply with your request. However, there will be residual information that will remain within Bertie & Jack databases, access logs, and other historical internal records, which may or may not contain such personally-identifiable information.

Disclaimer: No financial information is stored on this website or in paper format.

The Information We May Gather

1. Non-personally-identifiable information:

1. As a standard practise, Bertie & Jack assigns a random number to each user for anonymously tracking content preferences and traffic patterns. This random number lets us keep track of "how many" times users are doing specific things - like visiting our site each month - without really knowing who those users are (unless they specifically tell us). We analyse this data for trends and statistics, such as which parts of our site users are visiting and how long they spend there. We also gather information about what users are searching for. We use all this information in order to improve our content, plan site enhancements, and measure overall site effectiveness.

2. Personally identifiable information:

1. General: In certain areas of this Site, we require that you provide us with personally-identifiable information, in order to be able to use that portion or those portions of this Site.

2. If you submit a request for more information from us, the information you submit will only be used by Bertie & Jack. Our lists are private and are never sold to any third parties.

If you have any queries about this policy please feel free to contact us.


Cookie Policy

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Cookies used by Bertie & Jack

1. Shopping basket cookie that allows a user to store items to be purchased and shipping address. This is a session cookie that expires after 14 days.

2. Google analytics cookie that shows web traffic analysis. These cookies have multiple expiration dates; please refer to this article for more information.

3. Customer Audience Pixel, these are used to build up a Custom Audience based on people who visit our website so we can target Facebook ads to them. Please refer to Facebooks terms for more information.

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